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1921 2010

Red International

of the Labour Unions


Lenin on the Trade Unions [selected works]

Brief Report on the 1st World Congress of RILU (Moscow -July 3-19, 1921)

The struggle against the Amsterdam` Trade Union International – 1921

The First International Congress of Revolutionary Trade Unions (A. Lozovsky, July 3rd to 19th 1921)

Resolutions and Decisions of the Second World Congress of the Red International of Labour Unions (Moscow November 1922.)

Appeal from the ECCI and the RILU to all workers on the united front (extracts) [ January 1923)

Fifth Congress of the Comintern: Theses on tactics in the trade unions1924

Problems of Strike Strategy

Decisions of the International Conference on Strike Strategy

Strassburg, January, 1929

Trade Union Unity League (USA) – Program 1929

Trade Unions under Socialism

(by J. Shvernik, Secretary of the Soviet Trade Unions, RILU, 1932)

Soviet Trade-Unions

During the Period of the Postwar Five-Year-Plan


Trade Unions in Socialist Albania

The Limitation of Wage Differentials in Socialist Albania