Worldrevolutionary salutations on the occasion of the Red Mayday 2003

to all of you, comrades -  Marxists-Leninists all over the world!


Proletarians of all countries, unite in the struggle for socialis revolution !


Long live the Red Mayday 2003 - the day of struggle of the

International Working Class !


It is the revolutionary struggle of proletarians of all countries against US imperialism which is the focal point of this year's Mayday. Comintern/ML calls on all workers all over the world to show revolutionary solidarity with the oppressed peoples , especially with those of the Arab countries.

 The blood bath in Iraq demonstrates that international solidarity with the Iraqi people, with the people of Palestine and with the all the other exploited and suppressed peoples of the Near and Middle East must not be limited to Mayday rallies. Why?

  Because the imperialist forces of occupation can only be driven out of Iraq and the whole of the Near and Middle East if we, the workers in the imperialist countries, agree on foiling each transport of weapons into the Arab world. It is, above, all necessary to cut off the supply routes from the military bases of international counter-revolution. Supplies to the Israeli chain dogs of world imperialism must come to an end to prevent further bloodshed among the Arabs.

  Instead of passive protests - revolutionary action !

  The main target of our struggle must be American imperialism, but it should also be extended to the other imperialists, who all have Arab blood on their hands, the United Nations not excluded. The struggle must be targeted against the governments of ALL imperialist countries, which exploit and suppress the Arab peoples and also against the international imperialist organisations and their troops, which are nothing but henchmen of the world bourgeoisie, led by the US bourgeoisie.

  Each imperialist war leads to a further dramatic deterioration of the social  standards of the working people. Intensified economic exploitation is accompanied by an intensification of political repression. The world bourgeoisie will not hesitate to turn to fascism on an international scale if it is necessary to nip in the bud the revolutionary liberation struggle and the proletarian revolution. This must not happen !

  The workers of the imperialist countries must unite with the suppressed peoples to form a militant anti-imperialist front with the aim of rising unitedly against world imperialism and to crush it one day.

  Capitalism breeds war. We can only combat it successfully by overthrowing the warmongering bourgeois class rule. Only revolution can triumph over imperialism and  war. Neutrality and pacifism must be overcome. Draw the sword of world revolution ! Above the heads of the plundering governments we the workers extend our hands to the workers of all downtrodden peoples. We say loudly and clearly:

                          * Take part in the Red Mayday !

                          * Answer the growing exploitation and suppression by turning to socialist revolution !

                          * War against the imperialist war ! Imperialist occupying

                           forces out of Iraq, out of the Near and Middle East !

                        * Set up anti-imperialist combat units in all countries of the world and organise coordinated actions against

                           supply routes ! Close down all military bases and send the occupying forces of the US imperialists and their la-

                           ckeys and henchmen home in all parts of the world !

                           Ami go home !

                          *  Storm the strongholds in the imperialist capitals !

                          *  Down with US imperialism !

                          *  Down with the world bourgeoisie !

                          *  Long live international solidarity !

                          *  Long live the popular revolutionary liberation struggle !

                          *  Long live proletarian world revolution !

               *  Long live the Communist International/ Marxist-Leninists !